It’s all about collaboration, not competition.

All of us have no doubt been helped by friends, family, or even fellow colleagues in the industry through advice or even monetary aid. We try to do the same and pay it forward to fellow entrepreneurs who are struggling with their fledgling businesses – often while trying to feed their families and survive in tough, third world conditions.

Here are the fellow international entrepreneurs we’re working with.

Meet Judith from Nyaminyame, Zimbabwe

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Details directly from Kiva.com:

“Judith is a 34-year-old businesswoman who is married with three children. She has been successfully operating a grocery shop for more than one year after receiving entrepreneurship training from Cama, Camfed’s (Campaign for Female Education) alumnae network. Judith sells all basic commodities in her shop such as tea, cooking oil, and sweets and she has managed to employ one person who assists her in the business. She intends to convert into a general dealership, and purchase more stock.

Young women who live and work in the most impoverished, rural districts of Zimbabwe have very limited income, lack collateral and cannot access loans at affordable rates.

More About the Campaign for Female Education:

The Campaign for Female Education (Camfed) is an international nonprofit organization operating in five countries in Africa that focuses on eradicating poverty in rural Africa by investing in education for girls and supporting the economic self-reliance and leadership of young women. Camfed provides support for the long-term, working with individuals from primary to high school, and through the Cama empowerment and community outreach group.

 Camfed’s borrowers are young women who live and work in these remote rural areas and belong to the Cama network (the association of Camfed alumni). Most Cama borrowers will have received money management and business training through Camfed’s programs for young women who have completed high school. Borrowers will repay interest upon their loans as a “social interest” – through their volunteer efforts to enhance the quality of the education provided by their local schools.”

Meet José Ilerman from El Salvador.

El Salvador

Photographer. Single father. With a loan, his goal is to purchase paper and replacement computer parts, as well as additional cameras. He is also working to steadily improve his living conditions and the educational opportunities for his children.

José lives with his 2 children who are 7 and 12 years old. He cares for these children alone as they were left in his care. He runs an internet cafe. He also attends to his photography business every day…

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