Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’ve just purchased my theme. Now what do I do? How do I import my new theme into Zenfolio?

Not to fear, it’s a simple process. Visit our page on How To Import Your Theme.

2. Is Zenjoyable connected to Zenfolio in any way?

Zenjoyable.com is not connected to Zenfolio in any way, and is indeed my creation. I’m a photograher and Zenfolio user, and chose the name Zenjoyable because it’s so doggone catchy.

3. Why should I toss more money at another service when I already pay Zenfolio?

It’s completely up to you. I’m offering these themes for people who don’t want to spend hours trying to figure out the customization options. In addition, I want to complement the designs that Zenfolio already offers. Whether you decide to buy a theme from outside of Zenfolio (and I’m not the first person to make themes and offer them to public) or prefer to spend time customizing your site, keep in mind that you will be spending money either way. The time you put in to customize your site is essentially money, because time is money. If you think it’s worth it to spend under $50 to make your website look better, attract more visitors, and gain their respect for years to come, then consider what we’re offering here at Zenjoyable.

4. Are you the first person to do this?

Nope. I’m not the first person to make themes and offer them to public, but there are very few out there doing it at this time. As a Zenfolio user myself, I found this extremely frustrating, and decided to take it upon myself to take some action. I’m also a graphic and web designer by trade, so the decision was obvious. 🙂

5. Who is making these designs that you’re selling? Did you take them from anywhere?

Me and a team of designers are making the designs, and they are completely original.

6. If I buy one of your themes, my site might look like everybody else’s. Why would I want to do that?

For those who purchase an outside theme and still want to customize it further (like myself, a designer control freak), included in each Theme Package will be the native, editable files, so they can further customize them to their heart’s content.

7. What if I buy a theme and decide I don’t like it?

Let us know within 30 days, and I’ll refund you 100% of your money, no questions asked.

8. What future plans does Zenjoyable have as far as updates and new products?

For the future, we will be keeping an eye on the additional customizable options Zenfolio offers, because we plan to work those options into the “2.0” versions of the themes we offer on our end. In addition, we are in the process of researching possible apps to further enhance Zenfolio’s awesome service.